Few More Commonly Asked College Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

We put together some commonly asked college interview questions.

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While there is no way to predict exactly what questions you will be asked at your college admissions interview, there are a few questions that can be considered ‘traditional’. Interviewers ask every applicant pretty much the same set of questions in a few different forms.

You’ve already read about some of the most commonly asked interview questions. Here are a few more.

How will you contribute to our college?

It could also be asked as “How will you be a valuable addition to this campus?”

To answer this question, pick a few attributes that best describe you and think about how you can use those qualities on campus. If you are self-motivated, explain how you would use that to get things done without waiting to be asked. Talk about an earlier occasion where you used your self-motivation skills to contribute in high school.

Which was the most meaningful book you read last year?

Don’t just stop at naming a book and its author. The full version of this question is “Which was the most meaningful book you read last year and how did it impact you?” That’s the part that the interviewers are more interested in hearing.

To answer this question, name a book you enjoyed reading and talk a bit about why that particular book had special meaning for you. This is a great opportunity to reveal something about your personality or highlight a special interest, so spend some time thinking about how to answer this question when preparing for your interview.

Who do you consider as your role model?

How you answer this question can say a lot about you but you need to be careful when explaining your choice of role model. It’s easy to say you admire Nelson Mandela but that does not reveal much about you. What is important is that you explain why. What are the qualities that you admire in Nelson Mandela that make him your role model?

Regardless of whom you choose to name as your role model, make sure you know enough about that person. Highlight what specific quality you admire and also to answer any follow-up questions that may follow.

Do you have any questions for us?

Almost all college admissions interviews end with this question so be prepared with a few well thought out questions. Don’t ask about something that can be easily found on the school’s website. The important thing is to show that you’ve done your research and have spent time thinking about their school. Ask questions that relate to your specific interests. If you are interested in research, ask about the ways that you can get involved in research as a freshman. Be specific but always keep the questions positive. Don’t ask how the school handles students who use drugs.

The best way to conquer the fear of an upcoming college interview is by familiarizing yourself with these questions and preparing strong answers for the same. When you have a good idea about how you are going to reply, your answers will come through more confidently.

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