3 Reasons to do Your College Interviews

Many schools offer applicants the chance to do college interviews as part of their admissions application. These sessions are often with a faculty member or professor in your intended field, but they can also be the alumni network of the school. They ask questions to see if you’re the right fit for their school and in turn, you’ll also see if the school is the right fit for you!

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A college interview may seem nerve-wracking at first, especially if you’ve been asked to be your very first one. But it’s a great way to visit the school if you already haven’t. You’ll see the campus through the eyes of a college student instead of an excited high schooler who was starstruck the first time you came.

If you’re on the fence about the interview though, here are three reasons why you should schedule one.

1. Sometimes It’s Mandatory

The college application process is already lengthy for some schools, but they also have a lot of students applying. Many colleges require a college interview. It’s for acceptance into the school, evaluation for specific programs, or placement. Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown University all require an interview. When applying, always check if your potential future school asks for an interview. These colleges and universities that require the interview will use the information from your answers towards your application or acceptance into a program.

Students generally have the option to go to the interview in person, talk over the phone, or conference over the Internet. If an interview is not at all possible for you, explain that to the school but if they require it, then take it. You can practice interview questions with your friends, family, and even your high school teachers. It will help you feel prepared when you go into it. Confidence is key!

A mock interview is very helpful too, especially if the college interviewer is from a large university. You can talk about your chosen major, what you hope to accomplish as an incoming freshman, and even what you hope to gain from this college experience!

2. It Looks Good To Your School

Even if the college interview isn’t mandatory at your potential schools, if they offer one, it is always recommended that you attend. Some colleges even list their interviews as specifically “recommended,” not mandatory. If your potential colleges say that, absolutely schedule one as not participating could hurt your acceptance chances, especially in the competitive college admissions process.

Other schools have interviews that are completely optional. Still, you have that chance to put your best foot forward and show the college or university you are motivated to attend there. It may give your application the boost it needs to get accepted. Also, the more interviews you do, the better you get at it.

3. College Interviews Allow You To Build On Your Application

You can’t say everything about yourself in your college application and essay, but an interview gives you the chance to say a bit more and show your personality. Admissions officers ask specific questions about your education, volunteer work, extracurriculars, and other experiences. This is a great time to highlight your achievements. It also allows you to voice your future academic goals to show and show that you’re serious about your education. When you’re prepared, you can take this opportunity to build on your strengths and explain how attending that particular college will help you achieve your career goals.

These interviews also give you the chance to fully express your interest in attending the school. Many interviewers will ask why you want to attend, so you can go into details. However, remember to be yourself. The interviewer wants to hear what you have to say, not what you think they want to hear. This is why we also suggest not lying on your application or college essays because it may come back in the end!

The Importance of College Interviews

If a college interview is mandatory, you should absolutely make every effort to attend. Even if your school doesn’t require the interview, it’s still recommended. Recommended or optional, it’s always a good idea to schedule that appointment, especially if it’s a school you have your heart set on attending.

When applying to a college or university, always check their application requirements. It will explain their interview process there so you can ensure you’re not missing a vital aspect of applying. You can schedule your appointment and prepare for your interview. Do research on your particular school to find out what questions they may ask during the session. Whether mandatory or optional, online or in person, it’s always a good idea to take part in the college interview if you’re given the opportunity.

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