How To Set Up A Communication Schedule With Your Family Back Home

Set up a communication schedule so you can stay in touch with family

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The inability to communicate every day and share the many little things that happened to you is one of the most difficult things about attending college far from home. But heading off to college does not necessarily have to mean cutting off all communication completely. Fortunately, we live in an age where communicating with anyone in the remotest corner of the globe is easier than ever.

Communication is Key

You can keep in touch with your friends and family back home by calling, Skyping, texting, or emailing. Some students even send hand-written letters through the postal service—who doesn’t love looking forward to mail, after all?


Communicating can be Tough

However, despite the many communication means at your disposal, regular communication can be challenging, especially if every family member has their own school or work schedules. The best way to work around it is to have a family discussion before you leave for college. Establish a communication schedule. Checking in every day may be impractical. It may even leave you feeling more stressed as you try to work around your already hectic school schedule.

Make a Communication Schedule

Once a week may be a good idea in the beginning as you ease into the college rhythm. After a while, settle on a frequency that works for you and your family. For some families, this may mean continuing to call or Skype once or twice a week, while for others once a month may work just fine. Whatever you decide on, it is important to keep that communication date no matter what.

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