The 5 Best Planner Accessories for College Students

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Many college students benefit from organization and planning while in school, which makes a planner a great idea to keep track of all your homework, studying, tests, and other responsibilities. But a planner can be a bit more exciting than writing down your “to-do lists.” Instead, try these planner accessories to keep it interesting while also keeping track of everything you need to do in the coming weeks.

Essentials Weekly College Planner Stickers

college planner stickersEven when you’re checking your to-do list, it’s very easy to glance over one of the more important aspects of the week. Essentials Weekly Planner Stickers are the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss a beat. They stand out among your writing and also help make it easier to see exactly what you have going on with just a glance at the week ahead. The pack includes stickers for paydays, school projects, exercise routines, club meetings, laundry, and more.

Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes

college planner sticky notesAlso great for your notebooks, Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes can help you keep tabs on the most important aspects of the weeks ahead. You can use them to outline major projects due, help you keep track of midterms or finals, or plan out a study schedule. You’ll be able to easily track the upcoming week without looking at each individual day every time you have to refer to your planner.

iBayum Journal Planner Colored Pens

college planner markersAnother way to track your to-do list is to use different colored pens! iBayum Journal Planner Colored Pens can let you assign different colors to each class or responsibility. The set is superfine, which also makes them a joy to write with, and comes with 18 different colors. They’ll also come in handy if you want to outline specific notes when the need to study comes up.

Agutape Decorative Washi Tape (48 Rolls)

college planner washi tapeAgutape Decorative Washi Tape is a truly unique way to highlight your “to do” lists in your planner and on your calendar. You can use these to frame important dates, such as birthdays, trips, or finals or to decorate the outside of your notebook. Or if you want an excuse to use them, you can use the tape to cross out your completed tasks. The pack includes 16 rolls of foiled washi tape and 32 of washi tape.

iClips Magnetic Page Markers

college planner book clipNot all planners come with their own bookmarks to make sure you flip to the right page. If yours doesn’t (or even if it does), you might want to consider getting these adorable woodland bookmarks. The set includes eight featuring foxes, squirrels, badgers, and raccoons. You’ll only need one a week for your planner, so the other seven can be used for your textbooks, notebooks, or whatever you happen to be reading at the time!

A planner doesn’t have to be “boring” or ordinary. Certain accessories can actually make it more enjoyable to use! If your planner could use a pick me up, give those five a try!

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