6 Items You’ll Want on Your Study Abroad Packing List

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Congratulations. You’re about to embark on the learning and cultural opportunity of a lifetime. If this is your first study abroad experience, chances are you may be unsure about what you may need. Allow this little list of 6 must-have items on your study abroad packing list.

Check them out below!

2 Piece Luggage Set by Rockland Luggage

Rockland luggageThis two-piece set of luggage can handle any and everything you pack into it, and still leave room for more. It’s made of durable rip-stop nylon that can withstand the most rugged of travel plans. Both pieces are expandable by 2 inches. You can fill them with everything you need for your trip with room to spare. There are also dozens of color and style options to choose from, so you can find a set that matches your personal style. 

Embossed Travel Journal by MALEDEN

MALEDEN journalThe MALEDEN Travel Journal Diary is perfect for recording thoughts, observations, and photos of all your travels. No matter where you’re going, you’ll be able to store all those wonderful memories within these pages. It’s refillable and the leather ties will help you keep your thoughts private and protected. The hand detailing and anchor dangles give the diary a lovely touch. It’s the perfect travel journal for the trip of a lifetime.

Hiking Backpack by KAUKKO

Kaukko hiking packWhether you’re traveling around the world or going on a weekend trek, this casual hiker’s backpack can fit all your essentials. There’s plenty of room for a change of clothes or two. It even has removable compartments for smaller items you’d rather keep in your room or hostel. The padded straps will make it feel like you aren’t carrying anything at all, even if your entire life is packed into it. This hiking backpack comes in a rainbow of colors, therefore you’re sure to find one to suit your individual taste.

Worldwide Power Adapter by MINGTONG

If you are traveling outside the US, you’re going to need a power adapter for all your electronics. Depending on where you’re heading to, you may have ready access to adaptable chargers in your hostel or hotel room. Traveling without a power adapter is definitely not a risk you can afford to take. This Worldwide Power Adapter will keep your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and any other electronic gadget charged at all times.

International Men’s Travel Kit by Convenience Kits

Men's convenience kits This International Men’s Travel Kit has everything you need to make sure you arrive smelling fresh and clean and looking put-together. It comes with everything you need when traveling, from a toothbrush, and shaving cream, to travel body wash, and deodorant. Everything you may need is packed neatly in one tiny and convenient little kit. Don’t worry, ladies, there’s a kit available for you too.

Travel Pillow by BCOZZY

BCOZZY neck pillowA travel pillow can be your best friend on those long train or plane ride. You don’t want to settle for just any old travel pillow though. What you want is this travel pillow from BCOZZY. It’s specially designed to support your spine and neck and keep your head and chin from falling forward. Imagine waking up refreshed and energized after a long trip instead of crunchy and cramped. This travel pillow comes in a range of appealing colors, too, so be sure and choose your favorite.

Be prepared for your trip with this great gear. You’ll definitely want to add them to your study abroad packing list. Bon voyage.

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