6 Beautiful Plants For Dorm Rooms

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Could your dorm room do with a splash of green? Plants are a wonderful way to bring the outside in and get a breath of fresh air. If you’re considering adding some to your dorm room, check out these six beautiful plants for dorm rooms available on Amazon.

Plants for Pets Succulents (5 Pack)

Plants for Pets succulents plants for dorm roomsThese succulents from Plants for Pets definitely adds a touch of uniqueness to your dorm room. Hand-selected and in 2-inch pots, they’re a best seller in cacti and succulent plants on Amazon. With 5 in a pack, they’re easy to care for or transfer to another pot that better fits your room’s décor. And if you don’t want all five, they make great gifts!

Mini Sea Urchin Shell Hanging Pot

Another plant that is easy to care for, these sea urchin air plants from ANPHSIN are a great selection for your dorm room. They come in a pack of five and are just the right size to decorate on your desk, dresser, or window sill. They’re also air purifiers, which can help make your college space a bit more breathable.

Plants for Pets Air Plant Variety Pack (12 Pack)

Plants for Pets air plant variety plants for dorm roomsThis variety pack from Plants for Pets contains 12 air plants for your dorm room, meaning you have plenty for decorating every part of your area (and maybe even your roommate’s!). They’re an Amazon’s Choice for small house plants. Each is a different size (between 2 and 5 inches), and like the others, they’re easy to care for. If you’re absorbed in your homework and studying, they won’t mind you not paying attention.

HC Star Potted Artificial Plant

HC Star artificial potted plants for dorm roomsYou can’t kill what’s not alive. If you want the greenery without the care, one you’ll want to consider is the HC Star Potted Artificial Plant. They look absolutely real and come in four different varieties. Measuring only 6 x 4.1 x 4 inches, they’re perfect for your desk and come with a stone base. Simple, affordable, and easy decoration, an artificial plant is the way to go.

Planters’ Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Planters Choice Bonsai starter kit plants for dorm roomsIf you’re a fan of the beautiful Bonsai tree, you’ll want to check out this Bonsai Starter Kit from Planters’ Choice. It comes with four pots and four types of seeds, along with everything else you need to begin. The guide walks you through each step for helping your Bonsai trees flourish. This kit is also an Amazon’s Choice for Bonsai trees and has nearly 900 reviews. It may take some effort, but the vibrant blooms are well worth it to add a splash of color to your dorm room.

The Cat Ladies Grass Growing Kit

Cat Ladies organic grass growing kit plants for dorm roomsDo you have cats at your parents’ or relatives’ place? What better way to treat them than bringing them their own grass every time you head home. Easy to care for, it’s wonderful for your pets. It also comes in an adorable cat planter! Whether for function or purely fashion, it’s a handy little plant to have around.

Plants can absolutely add a bit of personality to your dorm room and make it feel more comfortable. If you’re thinking about adding some to your room, consider ones that are easier to care for. You may get side-tracked with classwork and other responsibilities, and it’s good to know your plant can get by with minimal care during these busy times.

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