4 Dependable Dorm Safe Options for College Students

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You can never be too careful. You’ll want to keep your valuables safe in your dorm room, and the best way to ensure their protection is by keeping them in a locked safe. We’ve found 4 dependable dorm safe options.

Stalwart Dictionary Book Safe with Key Lock

Trademark Home dictionary dorm safeThis one’s a classic, and that’s what makes it a best-seller. Who would suspect a dictionary could contain more than just words? This safe comes with two keys, so you’ll have a spare just in case you misplace one. Arrange the Stalwart Dictionary Book Safe along with your other books on a desk or a shelf and it will blend right in with its surroundings. No one will even guess that it is anything other than a dictionary.

AmazonBasics Security Safe (1 Cubic Feet)

This roomy little safe can be wall-mounted or can sit on the floor or desk, designed to keep your belongings safe. The AmazonBasics Security Safe features a reprogrammable lock that operates on 4 AA-batteries. It has a manual key override feature in case something goes wrong and you need to get your stuff out in a hurry. Hold your small belongings, money, and other valuables you have in its carpeted and spacious interior.

Master Lock Portable Safe

Master Lock portable dorm safeIf you need to travel around campus frequently and you don’t have anywhere to keep anything while on the go, then this little portable safe from Master Lock is for you. The Master Lock Portable Safe has a strong and secure cable that keeps it tethered wherever you place it. The reprogrammable combination lock means you never have to worry about someone getting to what’s inside. Small but tough, this is ideal for those who may have to travel often want to keep their belongings safe.

SentrySafe Fireproof Box with Key Lock

SentrySafe fireproof dorm safeThis little fireproof wonder can withstand temperatures up to 1550 degrees. The SentrySafe box will last you a while, guaranteed. There are three different sizes to choose from with this model—0.15 cubic feet, 0.18 cubic feet, and 0.61 cubic feet. It comes with two keys and a convenient travel handle.

When it comes to your valuables and beloved belongings it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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