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2 Ways to Find Volunteer Work That Suits You This Summer

Find some volunteer work that interests you this summer! college applications
Did you know that volunteering can be a great way to boost your college application? It helps you develop crucial transferable skills, from communication and interpersonal skills to team working and leadership skills. You will also hone your time management, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills. All of these skills can add serious weight to your …

Start Planning Your Summer College Prep Now!

Start your summer college prep as soon as possible! college applications
As we get closer to summer, there’s no reason you can’t start your college prep now between your junior and senior years. Although you should still concentrate on your finals first, beginning to plan for your summer college prep now can pay off! Internships, Extracurriculars, and Volunteer Searching for a summer position (or one that …

Second Semester Senior Year College Prep Checklist

Don't relax just yet! Here's a senior year checklist for your second semester. college applications
You might think that with college applications out of the way, and acceptance letters rolling in, that second semester of senior year will be a breeze. However, there’s still plenty of prep work to do. A college prep checklist can help you remember what you need to do. Here are some things you should have on …

List Your Extracurricular Hours on Your College Application

List your extracurricular activity hours on your college application college applications
Believe it or not, GPA and test scores are not the only things that matter in a college application. Far from! There are essays to consider, letters of recommendation, academic rigor, and of course extracurricular activities. Potential colleges want to know who you are, in and out of the classroom—and your extracurricular activity actually plays …

College App Essay Tip: Use the Active Voice

Use active voice when writing your college application essay. college applications
Are you struggling with how to write your college application essay? Don’t worry! Many do. Quite a few students have to brainstorm to determine just what they want to write about and once they settle on a topic, the problem lies in HOW to write it. A major tip is to use the active voice. …

What NOT To Do In Your College Application

Here's what NOT to do on a college application. college applications
There are certain things that are sure to get your application rejected. Here’s a list of things of what NOT to do on your college application. Send in Gifts While you might be doing this as a way to show your appreciation, sending in gifts along with your application may be misconstrued as a form …