List of Colleges Waiving ACT/SAT Requirements Due to COVID-19

The academic landscape has changed completely in the wake of COVID-19. Towards the end of the semester, all classes are held online in order to maintain academic continuity. With safety issues still in question, colleges are preparing to make further changes in the coming academic year. One of the most significant changes is some colleges waiving ACT/SAT requirements. 

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COVID-19 Cancellations

The ACT and College Board have been cancelling test dates progressively and are exploring other ways to conduct tests. This is not surprising as it is neither practical nor safe to continue with traditional testing. The College Board recently announced the cancellation of the test scheduled for June 6, 2020. Both the ACT and the College Board have stated that they are looking at ways to conduct online testing should the stay-at-home situation continue.

For years, the ACT/SAT have been a mandatory part of the college application process. Under the circumstances, many colleges are considering suspending the standardized-test requirement, albeit temporarily.

Will this make college admission easier for you? What are the challenges you should expect? Here’s what you should know about the future of college admissions and how you may be affected.

Colleges That Have Temporarily Waived the ACT/SAT Requirements

There are two things you should know about colleges dropping the ACT/SAT requirements for admissions:

Not all colleges have announced their plans of suspending the test requirements yet. It’s mainly wait and watch for many colleges but the list is growing every day.

Colleges that have announced the suspension are making it clear that this is just a temporary measure for 2020 admissions only. They will re-assess the requirements regularly depending on the evolving scenario. Some colleges MAY consider making this change permanent.

There are a number of schools that have temporarily suspended the ACT/SAT requirements for the 2020 admission cycle. According to (as of May 28th), the following colleges are waiving ACT/SAT tests for 2020:

Colleges Waiving ACT/SAT Requirements:

Things Are Changing Everyday – What You Need To Do

Things are changing everyday with more schools deciding to go test-optional or suspend testing altogether. Don’t make the mistake of presuming that you will not need to do the SAT/ACT altogether. The ACT and College Board are looking for ways to conduct testing by September.

Meanwhile colleges are still deciding on their admissions policies. The best thing you can do at this time is check the ACT and College Board sites regularly to stay abreast of the latest announcements. Also check the websites of the colleges you’re interested in to stay updated on their latest admissions policies.

If you’ve already taken the ACT/SAT, check out how your score affects your acceptance odds with College Raptor’s free match tool!

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