Did You Know You Can Cancel Your ACT / SAT Scores?

"Cancel Scores" stamp graphic on a lined paper background.Not many students know this, but you can cancel your ACT/SAT scores. You can simply write to the test providers and request them to cancel your scores, and prevent them from sending out scores to the colleges you requested.

However, because you have the option, it does not necessarily mean you should without putting some thought into it. You must first understand what score cancellation does and take into consideration all of the consequences before deciding whether or not to choose this option.

What Does Cancelling Your Test Scores Do?

If you put in a request to cancel your scores, your test will not be graded and no score report will be generated. It will be as if you did not take the test at all, except of course that you forfeit the fees that you paid for the test. The registration fees will not be refunded to you.

Why Would You Want To Cancel Your Test Scores?

The overriding reason why students get their test scores cancelled is because of the possibility that their low scores may hurt their chances of getting accepted into the college of their choice.

There are a few colleges that require applicants to submit all of their existing standardized test scores. Yale and Stanford are two such colleges that ask for all scores to be submitted. If you are applying to a college that requires all scores, then it makes sense to cancel your really low scores rather than risk a rejection.


Final Thoughts on Test Score Cancellations

If you are not 100% sure about your performance on the test, you should NOT get the test scores cancelled. You may have performed better than you thought and could be in for a pleasant surprise.

If you have chosen to send free test reports to 4 colleges but are not sure of how well you did on the test, instead of cancelling the test scores and losing money, it is better to delete your 4 college score recipients. Paying to send the test scores after you receive the results is cheaper than retaking the SAT or ACT.

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