Interesting ACT / SAT Prep Tips to Try!

There are countless ACT and SAT prep tricks out there—we’ve written about plenty of them ourselves. Here are three more you might not have tried yet, but definitely should!

Teach concepts to someone else

In order to teach, you have to have a solid grasp on the material. Therefore, a great way to ensure you understand a concept, formula, or idea is by buddying up with a fellow classmate and teaching each other. Go over questions, explain why a particular answer is the correct one. Once you’ve got the confidence, you’ve understood the material!

Practice without a calculator

Calculators are a handy tool, and one allowed on the ACT and (parts of) the SAT. With that in hand, you can breeze through the math sections. Right? Well, only if you know how to use it. To ensure you’ve memorized the formulas for certain questions, practice doing it the old fashioned way–with pencil and paper. And make sure you show your work.

Cover up the answers

A classic when it comes to studying for regular tests, the tried and true “cover up the answers and guess first” trick can help you on the ACT and SAT as well. If you can figure out the answer before reading the options, and your answer is reflected by one of the choices, you can be sure it’s right.

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