What to Do the Day Before Your ACT / SAT Test

What are you supposed to do the day before your SAT or ACT test?

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The months and weeks have gone by and you find yourself on the eve of the big test. So, what are you supposed to do the day before your SAT or ACT test?

Don’t Cram or Over-Study

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you honestly shouldn’t study that much the day before your SAT or ACT test. If you’ve prepared well over the last couple of months, you’ll be ready. Cramming additional stuff in just won’t stick in your mind. Instead, if you feel that you want to do some studying, focus on reviewing rather than memorizing new concepts. Just an hour or so will do.

Relax and Take it Easy

Stressing yourself out will only hurt your performance. Instead, spend the day before relaxing as best you can—easier said than done, for some students. To counteract your test anxiety, remind yourself that you’ve been studying well, that you can retake the test if you aren’t happy with the results, and that the ACT/SAT isn’t the only factor that matters on a college application.

Take Care of Yourself

Not to sound too motherly here, but make sure you get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy dinner, and eat a good breakfast the day of. You want your focus to be entirely on the test, not your growling stomach or sleepiness.

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