ACT vs SAT: Comparing the Two Exams

The ACT vs SAT—the Big Two. To take the ACT or the SAT is one of the biggest steps for high school students to get into college. Students typically take weeks, if not longer, prepping to take the tests. The process involves attending review sessions, taking practice tests, and studying the material.

Why is the ACT/SAT so important? With so much riding on the outcome of these tests,—admissions chances, scholarships, grants, and maybe even future job prospects—it’s no wonder that students want to know as much as possible about these tests before taking them.

The ACT vs SAT

A lot of students wonder whether they should take the ACT or SAT. Sometimes the questions can be a little overwhelming. What exactly are the differences between the two exams? Do they test on different things? Are the scoring systems the same? Do colleges prefer SAT scores over ACT scores? What are the average scores for each?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this infographic comparing and contrasting the two big tests:
ACT vs SAT statistics infographic
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