The Pros and Cons of Contest Scholarships

Contest scholarships are unusual in that they are not based on a student’s GPA or their community service. Applicants are asked to submit one or more entry, such as a creative essay, art piece, short film, practical invention—the list is endless.

Pros of Contest Scholarships

Cons of Contest Scholarships

  • More time and effort has to be put into the application and submission.
  • The competitive nature of the scholarship will attract many talented students, making it more difficult to win.
  • With extra effort put into the project, students may feel more let down if they do not win.

Assuming that you will not win a contest scholarship because you do not have the necessary creative writing skills is a mistake that many students make. Considering the easy entry point of contest scholarships, they are well worth exploring for the opportunity of adding free money towards your college education.

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