5 Benefits Of Taking The ACT / SAT in The Summer

Taking any test during the summer may be the last thing on your mind. Especially after you spend the whole school year buried in your textbooks. However, there are a few compelling benefits to taking the SAT/ACT at this time. Here are 5 major benefits of taking the ACT/SAT in the summer.

Student sitting at a desk with notebooks and a laptop studying for her SAT.

You Can Focus On Your SAT/ACT Prep

Summer is really the only time you can focus on your test prep exclusively. You don’t have to juggle homework, extracurricular activities, tests, or projects. Studying for the tests during the school term can be more extremely stressful. Worse still, taking time to prepare for the upcoming test means less time studying for your school exams. You’ll end up compromising on both, school grades as well as test scores. When you test the SAT/ACT during summer you can focus on one thing at a time increasing the likelihood of acing it.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Conflicting Exam Dates

High school final exams are usually held in May. AP exams are also held around this time. Registering for the May or June test dates could conflict your final exams or your AP exams. And conflicting dates is not the only thing to worry about here. You’ll be adding a tremendous amount of test prep to your already heavy workload. Studying for three different but equally important exams may be taking on more than you can handle. Remember: work smarter, not harder.

You Can Apply For Early Application

Taking the SAT/ACT in summer is especially beneficial if you want to secure your spot in your top choice college. Some of the more competitive colleges have very early deadlines for early application. However you need to submit your SAT/ACT scores along with your application. If you take the test too late, you may not get the report back in time to meet your school’s early application deadline. With a summer set, you can be sure that you’ll get your scores back in time to meet the earliest of deadlines.

It Leaves You Enough Room To Retake the Test

College admissions are highly competitive. Your ACT/SAT score can make the difference between getting accepted and rejected at a top college. If you’re not happy with your score and know you can do better, taking the test again can help. Taking the first SAT/ACT in summer leaves you sufficient time to schedule a re-test and prep for it too.

Get It Over And Done With

It’ll be a huge relief to start a new school year without the thought of the test at the back of your mind. Do your test in summer and get it out of the way. You’ll start your new school year feeling so much better knowing that you have one less thing to do.