College Raptor Announces Its Latest Scholarship Winners!

9/24/2020 — Iowa City, Iowa

College Raptor Announces Its Latest Scholarship Winners!

College Raptor congratulates its most recent scholarship winners. Sarah Mirsaidi Madjdabadi of San Diego was the $2,500 winner. Eden Jones, also from California, earned the $1,000 scholarship for her essay.

Scholarship winners Sarah and Eden

Sarah’s winning essay focused on the pressures of choosing which schools to apply to. “With the help of College Raptor, I was able to create not only a much shorter, but a much more finalized, college list,” Sarah wrote. “The College Search tool suggested many new aspects for me to consider when finding my best-fit colleges, such as academic match, student to faculty ratio, and total debt.”

Likewise, Eden also struggled with confidence when it came to building a strong college list. She praised College Raptor’s breadth of information easily available on the site. In her Q&A interview, Eden commented, “College Raptor was easily the most helpful resource I found for finalizing my college list. From admission statistics to campus life to majors, College Raptor offered all the information that I needed to know.”

Our mission is to make it easy for families to find great, affordable colleges so students can pursue their dreams. The college process has a lot of elements to consider. Therefore, Raptor focuses on providing the best tools to help students succeed. We congratulate Sarah and Eden, and wish them luck as they begin their college experience,” says William Staib, CEO and co-founder of College Raptor.

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