College Raptor Scholarship Winner Announcement!

June 10, 2020

College Raptor’s Scholarship Winner Announcement!

Iowa City, IA — College Raptor has announced the recipients of the latest scholarship awards. Katelyn Vandergoot, the $2,500 winner, will be attending the University of Toledo. And Courteney Wilkinson, the $1,000 winner, plans to transfer to a college with a great Public Health program.

Two Scholarship Winners

In her winning essay, Katelyn detailed her frustration of how time-consuming searching for college information was. Especially when few websites had comprehensive information. “Not only did College Raptor provide me with a list of colleges that addressed the information I wanted, but it also provided so much more than the previous engine I used, including helpful articles written by students like me and professionals alike,” Katelyn said. She’ll be going into her sophomore year and is continuing to study Nursing.

Likewise, Courteney praised College Raptor’s speedy and in-depth information in her Q&A article. “I truly think College Raptor saved me a ton of time. Before College Raptor I would go to individual school sites and spend hours just trying to find out vital information. College Raptor cut those hours into minutes and showed me exactly what I needed to find in a short amount of time.”

Our mission is to make it easy for families to find great, affordable colleges so students can reach their dreams. The college process has a lot of pieces to consider. Therefore, Raptor focuses on providing the best tools to help students succeed. We congratulate Katelyn and Courteney, and wish them well as they begin their college journeys,” says William Staib, CEO and co-founder of College Raptor.

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