Student Lead Generation

Better leads from better data. Leverage the power of College Raptor’s proprietary student matching algorithms and college discovery platform to recruit the best-fit students.

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Key Features and Benefits

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Strongest matches

One of the most important indicators of lead quality and likelihood of enrollment is fit. College Raptor’s advanced algorithms match students to your institution by analyzing comparative data on unique variables, including net price, academics, and college preferences, to deliver the highest-converting leads.
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6 Million annual users

Prospective college students are visiting College Raptor’s college discovery website and user-friendly mobile app every day. Learn who those qualified students are real-time and connect with them earlier in their search process to drive inquiries, applications, and enrollments. 
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Data-rich lead files

College Raptor gives you a competitive advantage in every lead file. Each student record contains valuable information including estimated EFC to empower your recruitment strategy and increase your ROI.
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Real-time delivery

Unlike traditional search services, College Raptor’s leads are delivered constantly throughout the year. This allows admissions teams to connect with qualified prospective students right away, increasing engagement, creating lasting relationships, and building commitment to your institution.

Prospective students are searching for colleges in new ways and have more information than ever to guide them. Make sure your prospect building is powered by the best data available and delivers the best-fit students. Explore a smarter approach to student lead generation with College Raptor and request a demo today.

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