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How To Get Out Of Student Loan Default

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The last thing any borrower wants is to let their loan go into default. When you default on your loan, it damages your credit score and makes it more difficult for you to get a home mortgage or to borrow money for any other large purchases. If, despite all precautions, you let your loan go …

How Credit Score Affects Student Loan Refinance And Consolidation

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Refinance and consolidation are two of the most popular solutions that students turn to in order to better manage their loan payments. However, both options work differently from each other. How Credit Score Affects Student Loan Consolidation When you consolidate your loans you are simply combining multiple existing loans into a single consolidated loan. The …

How To Get A Private Student Loan

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Though private students loans are considered a last resort, since they are more expensive than federal student loans, it is good to know you have this option if your financial aid package not enough to cover all your college expenses. Start By Doing Exhaustive Research On Private Lenders And Their Terms Unlike federal student loans …