Financial Aid

5 FAFSA Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

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Are you applying to college but have decided not to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid? Several surprising reports have stated that many families decide against filing the FAFSA simply because they have heard that it is only for students from low-income families. This is not true at all. Several factors go into …

The Question-By-Question FAFSA Guide

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid—or FAFSA—is a form that determines a student’s financial need level, and opens the opportunity for federal scholarships, grants, work study programs, and student loans. Though not strictly mandatory, the FAFSA is still a MUST for students in terms of paying for college. Whether your goal is to pay …

Examples of Work Study Programs

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If you were accepted for a work study program as part of your financial aid or are looking to make money between courses, you may be curious about what type of jobs are available to you on campus. Each college is different when it comes to what they offer, but it’s entirely possible to apply …

Why You Should File the FAFSA ASAP!

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The FAFSA—the Free Application for Federal Student Aid—opens every year on October 1st. The form grants students access to federal student aid in the forms of scholarships, grants, work study opportunities, and federal student loans. You’ve probably heard that you should file the FAFSA as soon as you can, but what’s the rush? The FAFSA …

A Breakdown of the Federal TRIO Programs

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The Federal TRIO programs were introduced as a way to identify and help students from disadvantaged and lower-income backgrounds. There are eight TRIO programs, all funded by the US Department of Education. Each of the programs has its own distinct goal, which is different from the other programs. Some are community-based organizations while others aim …

5 Things All Parents Need to Know About the FAFSA

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College is a huge investment for many families and most need a little bit of financial help. If you are looking for ways to pay for college, one of the first resources you may turn to is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Every student qualifies for some form of student aid, so …