Using Social Media to Discover Scholarships

As we move further into the digital age, social media is becoming a more central aspect of our lives. According to recent statistics, our social media use is as much of a routine as brushing our teeth; 75% of Facebook users, 51% of Instagram users and 42% of Twitter users reported that they use each respective site daily. This kind of “captive audience,” so to speak, lends itself to outreach by different organizations, each trying to market via social media. With the new trends in social media outreach, it can be easier than ever to find sources for many things, including important topics to students, such as scholarships. Here’s a quick glance at some of the ways social media can help you find scholarships.

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Famously featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Scholly is a mobile app centered around a massive scholarship database. The app is marketed extensively through social media due to its easy interface and useful features. In fact, the jaded investors on Shark Tank were so impressed with the app that they squabbled over who would get to make a deal with the promising startup. Backed by FUBU CEO Daymond John and QVC magnate Lori Greiner, the app has exploded into one of the more popular ways to find a scholarship that suits you. Users have the option to log in via Facebook and, once they’re in, fill out some simple information to match them to a list of scholarships they’re eligible for. Simply put, if you don’t have Scholly on downloaded on your phone already, what are you waiting for?

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Some things are exactly what they appear, and certainly falls under this category: it’s a website for finding scholarships. The interface is extremely easy to use, with categories lined up along the side for students to click on. The website maintains an active presence across the social media spectrum. They have a Twitter account (@ScholarshipsCom) and a Facebook page that combine for nearly 200,000 followers. The site is one of the more popular resources for aspiring scholarship applicants. It also advertises itself as containing over $19 billion in possible award money.


The aforementioned study mentions that Facebook is by far the most popular social network in the world. Facebook has nearly 2 billion users and a market share of 79% out of American adults who use the internet every day. To this end, Facebook can be a fantastic resource for finding everything from jobs to cheap furniture to, yes, scholarships. Facebook’s recently revamped Search feature reveals a myriad of pages dedicated to culling and presenting scholarship options for students. Included in many of the pages is a rating out of five stars, showing the reliability of the content. These reviews, written by students and parents, reassures perusers that the information on each page is accurate. Some pages, like Scholarships for International Students, have over 1 million followers. Other pages are more localized and dependent on certain communities.

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