Maximize Your Financial Aid With These 3 FAFSA Tips

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Your high grades and impressive test scores have earned you acceptance letters from some of the top colleges in the country. But even with the scholarships you’ve received, you still might need to take a substantial student loan. With their lower interest rates, fairly flexible repayment options, and forgiveness programs, federal student loans should be your number one option when you are looking for additional financial assistance.

It all starts by submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. These tips will help to maximize the federal financial aid you receive.

Tip #1 – Submit your FAFSA application early. The best time to submit your FAFSA is as close to 1st January as you can. Most federal aid awards are disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you submit your application, the better your chances of receiving a higher federal loan amount.

Tip #2 – Remember to reapply every year. You have to fill out FAFSA every year of your college education in order to keep the funds coming in.

Tip #3 – Fill and submit your FAFSA application even if your family has not filed their tax returns yet. Fill in whatever values you can and fill in estimated figures against the others. After the tax returns are completed, you can file a FAFSA correction if necessary.

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