How To Find A Relevant Work-Study Program

Federal work-study programs help students with financial need earn money that can be used towards their college education. These work-study programs offer undergrad and grad students part-time jobs while they are attending college. The program tries as much as possible to offer students work that is related to the program that they are enrolled in.

How can you participate in a work-study program?

The first step towards participating in a work-study program is putting in a request for a work-study award when you complete the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Form. Filling out this application will help you qualify for all federal financial aid programs, including the work-study program. This will be considered as a part of your total financial aid.

Apply early!

If the college you are attending participates in the work-study program, they will offer you a job.  These jobs are typically awarded on a first come first served basis so the earlier you apply, the higher your chances of getting a job that is relevant to your course of study.

You can also look for work-study opportunities through the school’s financial aid office or through your academic advisor who will help you look for appropriate positions.

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