Student Lead Generation

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College Raptor’s website and mobile app have over 3 million annual visitors searching for their right fit school. Our leads are generated using algorithms that match College Raptor users to your institution’s ideal student profile.

Matches are determined by academic performance, intended major, location, college preference, and financial fit. What makes College Raptor different from other lead providers is our ability to include a student’s unique financial circumstances in our match equations. Because we consider other metrics beyond academic performance, our leads will have a stronger affinity towards your institution. Only students with high match scores are provided to your institution, ensuring that every lead sent is pre-qualified.

Unlike traditional search services, our leads are delivered to you regularly throughout the year. This allows your recruitment team to establish a lasting relationship by immediately interacting with a student when they are actively engaged in the college search process.

Student profiles combine ease for the student and essential information for institutions: When a student creates a profile on, or through our mobile app, we gather essential information to help them with the college matching process. This also provides institutions with key recruiting details like contact information, major, academic scores, and estimated EFC., our matching tool: Our algorithms do not match all institutions to all students. Our match algorithms take both student factors like academics, campus preferences and selected colleges and institutional data like average test scores, top majors and geographic makeup to find mutual match. If a student matches to your institution, you know that they have a strong potential to continue through the funnel.

Mobile students need mobile tools: To reach the largest audience, College Raptor’s mobile app keeps your institution only taps away from prospective students. By providing multiple channels of access, we are widening our user base to expand your funnel.

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To schedule a time to discuss how College Raptor can help your campus, please contact Jeff Pierpont.

Jeff Pierpont

Jeff Pierpont
Vice President of College Partnerships
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 319.849.7101