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College Raptor Announced as Finalist for “Outstanding Startup Company of the Year” in 2015 Prometheus Awards

This week, the Technology Association of Iowa announced finalists for the 10th annual Prometheus Awards. College Raptor was named as one of three finalists for “Outstanding Startup Company of the Year”. The Prometheus Awards honor technology companies, startups and entrepreneurs across the state of Iowa in 13 different categories. This year, the Technology Association received …

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News update: We Create Here Covers College Raptor Launch, Funding and Vision

We Create Here announced the launch of College Raptor in 2014, including information about Series A financing raised from mostly within the state of Iowa. The article details information about the College Raptor vision to help students and families find their best college matches, considering academic fit, cultural fit and financial affordability. It also discusses …

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MyCollegePrice is Now College Raptor

Going to college can be expensive, but it’s also often confusing. Families are often made to spend hours and hours trying to compare colleges, with little help or guidance. The college search — one of the most important decisions in a student’s life — has been made nearly impossible. The “sticker price” listed on a …

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Middle Class Affordability Rankings™ in BETA release.

How do colleges fare when compared to others in their geography or with similar academic programs from a pricing perspective? MyCollegePrice has provided a unique view into how colleges stack up relative to cost for the typical middle class family. How do we do it? It’s really quite straightforward. As the basis of our rankings …

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Public Beta is Live

I am proud to announce the public ‘beta’ launch of MyCollegePrice (  MyCollegePrice is a free service for finding college matches and comparing net costs based on each family’s specific financial situation. There are a lot of great sites to help students find schools that would be a fit academically but there are precious few resources to help parents …

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