Why Do Some Colleges Require Subject Tests?

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The SAT Subject Tests are a great way for students to show their academic prowess in a certain subject area. Not only can it earn them kudos on college applications, demonstrating their commitment to a subject or major, but sometimes colleges will actually require applicants to take a specific subject test. If a school requires one, it will be listed in their eligibility requirements.

Why Do Some Colleges Require Subject Tests?

Colleges that require applicants to take Subject Tests use the test results to place students into the most suitable courses. Depending on your Subject Test scores, you could get credit for introductory-level courses or you may be able to fulfill basic course requirements, and get placed in more advanced classes.

Are There Any Other Benefits Of Taking The SAT Subject Test?

There are also other benefits that make it worth taking SAT Subject Tests. Performing well on the test demonstrates your interest to colleges you apply to, increasing your odds of acceptance. It also shows colleges the skills you’ve learned outside the classroom, through weekend classes, an online course or a summer program. If you take one of the language tests, it can earn you bilingual qualifications. 

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