The PSAT Can Help You Qualify for the National Merit Program…What About the PreACT?

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The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, allows students to prep for the SAT while also qualifying for scholarships and recognition from the National Merit Program. Here’s a quick rundown of the Pre ACT test and what you can expect after you complete it in regards to scholarships.

No Direct Scholarships

 Unlike the PSAT, the PreACT does not have any direct scholarships attached to the program. However, the first tests of the PreACT were only passed out in the fall of 2016. The entire preparation test is fairly new. In comparison, the PSAT was first introduced in 1971. It is entirely possible and likely that a scholarship program can arise in the upcoming semesters.

Potential Scholarships From Educators 

There are no direct scholarships involved with the PreACT. However, students may be able to use their PreACT scores for scholarship applications. The colleges you are intending to apply to may be interested in your PreACT scores. They may provide merit scholarships. It’s important to talk to your high school counselors as well. Talk to a college’s admissions department too, on how to approach potential scholarships based on your practice test scores.

In addition to the colleges’ merit programs, check local, state, and regional scholarships. These are other sources that may consider your PreACT scores as part of your overall academic achievement. Essays, for example, provide a great opportunity to present your PreACT scores as just another aspect of your academic success. Do you need help finding these awards? There are several sites online that provide links to some scholarships. Your high school counselor will also be able to give you advice on how to discover others.

Other Reasons To Take The PreACT

 Although the PreACT is not specifically tied to any scholarship, students should still consider the benefits of taking the exam. The most obvious of the benefits is the practice it can provide. It allows you to see the test and evaluate how you did on each section. If you scored poorly in Math, you can put in the extra study hours to make sure you’re fully prepared for the ACT itself.

In addition to the invaluable practice, the PreACT also can display a map of your interests as well as your strengths. This can help you decide on a major and even a career path. It’s important to talk to your counselor about your results and ambitions for college.

A third benefit of the PreACT is the fast turn around for results. Answers are received in less than two weeks, often between five and ten days. This provides a great opportunity for schools to go over the PreACT with their students and ensure everyone understands the methods of the test. The rapid reporting is perfect for students who want plenty of extra time to prepare for their upcoming ACT test date.

Although the PreACT doesn’t currently have any direct scholarships attached to the program, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time to consider taking in preparation before the ACT. There is no denying it provides valuable practice!

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