Is It Possible To Get A Nursing Degree Online?

Can you get a nursing degree online?

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The growing demand for nurses has resulted in a dramatic increase in enrollment in online nursing programs. But the big question is, is it really possible to get a nursing degree online? After all, nursing involves a lot of practical applications. How do online courses teach that practical component?

A Look At How An Online Nursing Degree Works

Online nursing degrees are divided into two components—theory and clinicals.

Students complete the theory or paperwork component of the course through online classes. Different programs conduct their online classes differently but in general, you would get all of the course material as well as access to faculty who will help you out with any questions you have.

The practical or clinical component of the degree is conducted in a classroom, hospital or private clinic that the program is affiliated with. You will have to complete the clinical section in order to get your nursing degree.

Are you considering getting your nursing degree through an online program? It is important to first find out where they will be holding the clinicals. You don’t want to find out later that you have to travel halfway across the country to get your degree.

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