Myth: My Freshman Year Grades Don’t Matter

Many people assume that their senior and junior years are the only ones that really matter when it comes to college admissions, but that line of thinking could seriously hinder their acceptance odds.

College Competition

A few years ago, your freshman year grades may not have mattered all that much. But today, with the number of applications far outnumbering the number of places available, college admissions have become ultra competitive. In order to pick the best of the best, college admissions panels scrutinize every little detail of the applications they receive looking for that something that stands out. One of the things they look at is your freshman year grades.

Considerations Count

While grades from your freshman year may not be the primary selection criteria, they are taken into consideration when evaluating your application. This is more so in highly selective colleges, where all grades, including freshman year grades, are factored into the overall application assessment.

You certainly do not have to worry if your freshmen grades were a little lower than they are now. What colleges are more interested in is in seeing if you made an effort to improve from those scores and your later grades show an upward trend. If you show an improvement from average or even subpar scores, your application is more likely to be viewed favorably than if you show no improvement or a downward trend.


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