The Role of Social Media in the College Application Process

What's the role of social media in college applications?

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What’s the role of social media in the college application process? Well, social media usage boosts your college admission chances, though it’s a two-pronged approach. The first part involves cleaning up your online presence. The second part focuses on building a strong and positive presence.

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Accounts

We’ve all got Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts that we use to post up pictures and statuses to tell the world about the crazy things we did, said, or thought about. And let’s not talk about all the things we posted that we’ve long since forgotten about. Or all the social media profiles we’ve abandoned for the next biggest platform.

While that may be very entertaining to your followers, college admissions officers who look through your accounts may not be very amused by unsavory antics. Officers can keep your application on hold or even reject it outright if they come across something offensive. To prevent this from happening, go through all of your social media accounts and remove all distasteful pictures and posts.

Build A Strong Positive Presence On Social Media

So the role of social media in college applications is a bit complicated. But don’t lose hope just yet. Slowly but consistently start posting up pictures and posts that highlight your interests and skills that are relevant to the program you are applying for. Post pictures of yourself doing voluntary work, participating in extracurricular activities, or winning an award for a special accomplishment. Did you take up a summer job or doing an internship? Talk about what you have learned on the job. Keep all comments positive.

It takes time to build a strong online presence. You cannot do it in a day. To use social media effectively to boost your college admission chances, you need to start early and work at it slowly and consistently.

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