The Pros and Cons of Using the Coalition Application

There are pros and cons of the Coalition Application

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The Coalition Application is a young app in relation to the Common Application or the Universal Application, but has been garnering attention nonetheless. Like the other applications, there are pros and cons to using it over more traditional methods. Read on to see if the Coalition App is right for you!


The Locker

The Coalition App provides a digital locker where students can store academic achievements, papers, awards, etc. starting as early as 9th grade. With the locker, the student can be certain that the items stored there will be available for them to use for their applications years later.

A More Comprehensive Look at the Applicant

Thanks to the locker and the way the Coalition App is set up, colleges can see a fuller picture of the applicant. With more information, they can make a more informed decision in terms of acceptance. Additionally, with more information provided, the students themselves can feel more certain of their readiness and the strength of their application.


Few Schools Accept the Coalition Application

In the grand scheme of things, the number of schools that accept the Coalition App is relatively small. It’s around 90 institutions, whereas the Common App is accepted by over 800. It’s important for students interested in using the Coalition App to research which schools accept and do not accept the app.

A Work in Progress

On their own website, the Coalition App says that it may not get everything right on their first iteration. Since it is a brand new app, it’s bound to have a few glitches and kinks, which can be frustrating to users. That being said, the Coalition App is very interested in working with their users to continually improve the service.

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