4 Tips to Stay On Top of Your College Applications

Stay on top of your college applications with these tips

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If you are applying to multiple colleges, the application process can get chaotic quickly. You’re trying to and keeping track of different requirements, deadlines, and numerous other factors. The only way to rein in the chaos is by having a structure in place. These tips will help you master and stay on top of your college applications.

Spread Sheets

Stay on top of your college applications by creating an organized spread sheet with details of the colleges you are applying to, the application deadlines, application process, contact details, and documentation required.


You can also stay on top of your college applications by giving some thought to who you are going to choose to write your letter of recommendation. Ask them well in advance. Make sure you give them all the information they need to write an outstanding letter on your behalf.


Start working on your personal college application essay. Ideally, you should write an original essay for each school. But, customize the content of the essay for that particular school.


Before submitting your application and all of the documentation, go through the instructions and requirements once again. Make sure that you have not missed anything. The worst thing is to go through all the trouble to put together your application only to have it rejected because you overlooked a crucial bit of information.

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