How to Lower Stress in the College Application Process

Stress gets to the best of us and during your senior year of high school, it can get a bit overwhelming. However, there are ways to lower your stress and anxiety when it comes to the college application process. Here are a few ways to lower stress levels.

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Create a Schedule

One of the best ways to lower stress but also ensure you stay on track for the school year is creating a schedule. It can help you prioritize what is important, realize when deadlines are, and discover how much time you need for every project, application, or scholarship.

Set time aside for college essays and the forms themselves. You don’t want to spend three days in a row working on your college essays. That’s a good way to burnout. Instead, set an hour aside to work specifically on your writing. Put the paperwork to the side if it becomes overwhelming and pick it up again the next day. Depending on how many colleges you wish to apply to, you may want to complete an application form once a week for example. Find what works for you.

Some other aspects of the application process you’ll want to schedule is the actual research into potential colleges, visits to the city and campus, and interviews.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

If you suffer from anxiety or are just extremely worried about your acceptance chances, it can be tough to get rid of the thought, “I’m not going to be accepted to any of the colleges.” This is pretty unrealistic if you put the work into your applications and high school career, but it can be difficult to quiet the mind.

Relaxation techniques can help you put those anxious thoughts out of mind. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, but meditation, music, yoga, and more can help you focus your mind and reduce anxiety as well. Relaxing your mind can help you look realistically at the situation and let you see if you’re blowing the worry out of proportion. This is a great thing to learn regardless as it will help you later in life.

Take Time For Yourself

It can’t be stressed enough that time for yourself is essential. Between work, school, and college applications, it can be tough to find, but it’s important as ever. An endless pile of work and to-do lists will result in a more stressed-out mind that could have consequences on your school work and overall life.

Even if it’s just an hour or two a day, set time aside for something you enjoy. Whether that’s exercise, playing a sport, playing video games, or reading, you need that period. Without it, it can be difficult to concentrate on what’s at hand and easy to become overwhelmed. However, at the same time, you don’t want to overdo your alone time. Scheduling it correctly will have your mind thanking you.

It’s important to find balance in your senior year to help reduce the stress that comes with the college application process. Taking a step back and looking realistically at the situation can help you see if you’re stressing needlessly while also telling you what needs to get done and when.

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