Don’t Forget to Do This One Thing with Your College Applications

It may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many students overlook one critical step in their college applications. Proofreading. Every year, potential students send out their application that is incomplete, has typos, or poor grammar—mistakes that are entirely preventable had they done some proofreading.

A student typing on their laptop, editing their application.

Slow Down, Take Your Time, Proofread Your College Applications

After you’ve completed your application, don’t be in a hurry to send it off. Stop and take the time to proofread it first. Make sure everything is spelled properly. Check for accuracy with your address, your name, your class ranking, as well as other pertinent information regarding your application.

Use Tech to Your Advantage

If you’re filling out your application online, see if you can do a copy/paste into a blank Word document, then run the ‘Review’ feature to check for grammar, spelling, and capitalization mistakes.

Peer Proofreading

After proofreading your application, have a trusted adult look over it. Ask your parents, a teacher, your counselor, or even one of your friends to check your college applications. A fresh set of eyes is more likely to spot something you’ve missed or some other error that could make all the difference.

Not proofreading your application can cost you so don’t overlook this crucial step. Double and even triple check your application before you send it in. You’ll be glad you did.

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