College Prep Mistakes Juniors in High School Should Avoid

During junior year, applying to college may seem a long way off but you should know that waiting for your senior year to start college prep can be a mistake. You want to finish your senior year strong so you can submit impressive transcripts along with your college applications. This will leave you with very little time to work on anything else. With that in mind, there are a few college prep mistakes you should avoid in your junior year.

Slacking Off On Test Prep

It’s tempting to want to just forget all about studying after your finals but if you are planning on taking the ACT or SAT, you cannot afford to slack off. Whether you are taking the test for the first time, or you are retaking the test, you should not take the test prep for granted. Schedule sufficient time to study for the test you are taking. The higher your score, the higher your college acceptance odds and scholarship chances.  That is incentive enough.

Failing to Start Looking at Schools

Use the summer to research colleges, schedule campus visits and work on your admissions essays. Spending time on researching colleges and scheduling campus visits will help you make a more informed final decision, and starting on your admissions essays now will leave you ample time to tweak it to perfection before sending it out.

Not Gearing Up for Senior Year

Don’t let your junior year slip through your fingers without gearing up for senior year. Make sure you take academically rigorous classes and concentrate on your studies, your service, and organizational leadership you’re involved in so it won’t only be your best year yet, but that it looks great on applications and resumes too.

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