2 Tips To Make Your Extracurriculars Look Good On Your College Applications

Make your extracurriculars look good on your college applications

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Participating in any extracurriculars can give your college application a distinct edge over your competition. After all, colleges want students who participate in multiple activities. It demonstrates your commitment and time-management skills. You can use this to your advantage by impressing admissions authorities with your extracurricular involvement.

These two simple tips will help you get the most out of your extracurricular activities:

# 1 – List Your Activities In Order Of Importance

List activities that you’ve been involved in the longest or those that are most relevant to the program you wish to enroll in first.

Volunteering in a nursing home should be top of your list if you are applying for a nursing program. However, if you are looking to enroll in a business or media program. You may want to list your debate club membership before all others.

#2 – Describe Your Extracurriculars Clearly

Just saying you volunteered does not say much. Instead, one sentence describing where you volunteered and in what capacity gives the reader a clearer idea of the activities.

Also, when talking about where you volunteered or what club you participated in, avoid using abbreviations for titles. Not all admissions authorities will know that NHS stands for the National Honor Society. Instead of making them look it up, make sure you write the full title.

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