How To Handle A Rejection Letter From Your Dream College

Receiving a rejection letter from any college can leave you feeling devastated. Especially if the letter is from your dream college. But, there’s no point wasting time over what may have been. Start creating a different college plan. Here are a few things you should do after receiving that rejection letter:

Don’t blame yourself

Blaming yourself can send you further down the rabbit hole. The truth is, college admissions are a numbers game. Schools receive more applications than they have seats. They simply have to reject candidates even if they meet all their eligibility criteria.

Take another look at the other colleges on your list

You’ll be surprised to find at least a few other schools that compare to your dream college. Check out their requirements again and if you can, schedule a campus visit.

Follow up with colleges that wait-listed you

Tell them that you are very keen on attending their program, remind them why you are interested and ask if there is anything you could do to boost your application.

Follow up with colleges that you have not heard back from

Remind them about your interest in enrolling in their program and most importantly, inform them about any major milestones or achievements you’ve accomplished after you submitted your application.

Receiving a rejection letter feels like a big disappointment, but remember that things will work out okay eventually. The second and third best colleges you listed are usually as good as or sometimes even better than that what you thought was your dream college.

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