What High School Classes Impress College Admissions?

Which high school classes impress college admissions teams?

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When it comes to college admission, every element counts—including what classes you take in high school. As such, it’s important to craft an ideal high school schedule to catch the eye of the college admissions team. There are two major ways to impress.

Classes Relating to Your Major

A lot depends on which program you are applying to as well as the university you are applying to. If you are applying to a kinesiology or sports management program, getting high grades in history is great. However, it won’t wow the admissions panel. However, your high history scores will impress the admissions panel if you are applying to archaeology, foreign affairs, or a similar program.

Of course, this may not work if you are not yet sure what major you want to study—then a balanced schedule is a good idea.

Academic Rigor

In general, you cannot go wrong if you take the more challenging classes that are available. Taking on academically rigorous classes in high school demonstrates that you are not afraid of hard work and are likely to put in the effort necessary to shine in the program. It also means you are less likely to drop out, a factor that can affect a school’s rankings.

A word of advice: when choosing your high school classes, do not pick the easiest classes just so it is easier for you to score high grades. Those high grades won’t matter if you pick all of the easiest classes available to you.

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