Winter Break Wisdom: Prep for the ACT/SAT

Winter break is actually a great time to do some SAT/ACT prep.

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Studying? During your long-awaited winter break? You might be wondering why you’re even reading this, but trust me, I promise it’s nothing that bad! We know that most students typically like to spend their winter breaks hanging out with friends and catching up on sleep while throwing thoughts of school to the wayside.

One thing you can do to stay on top of the college search and application process is to spend some time doing SAT / ACT prep. We certainly aren’t suggesting that you study for hours every single day of your break. Rather, it is easy and worthwhile to take even just an hour each day to prepare. A super-easy way to focus on this could be to wake up, grab a peppermint mocha from your favorite local coffee shop, and go over your materials. You shouldn’t worry about studying for the ACT or SAT the same way you study for finals just yet, but getting a few hours of studying in over winter break will help you keep up.

We have a lot of great resources for students as they begin thinking about taking the ACT or SAT. We even have a post full of free resources to help students prepare for either test! After you have received your scores, be sure to put them into your College Raptor profile to receive even more accurate college matches through our college matching tool.

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