Why You Should Take Both The PSAT and PreACT

You should take the PSAT and PreACT.

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The PSAT and PreACT are preparatory exams for the SAT and ACT respectively. The question that most juniors and sophomores have on their mind is whether they need to both these prep tests or whether they should only take the one that applies to them. That means taking only the PSAT if they are planning on taking the SAT test and taking the PreACT if they are planning on taking the ACT.

One, the Other, or Both?

Experts advise that instead of taking one or the other, students should consider taking both preparatory tests. It does seem daunting to study for and take both of these tests at the same time. But, the payoff is definitely worth it.

Taking both these tests helps you make a better assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Comparing your performance in both prep tests will give you a better idea of which exam is better suited to you—the ACT or SAT. Knowing this can help you decide which test you should choose to take. Choosing a test that is better suited to you means you will be more confident on the test day. You will score higher marks too.

It also helps you get a better understanding of your weaknesses. You will know where you should focus your efforts to get better test scores.

You may also qualify for scholarships when you take both preparatory exams. This is a huge incentive for most students as any additional scholarship you earn means you graduate with that much less debt. This by itself is a compelling enough reason to take both the PSAT and PreACT.

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