SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 2

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If you’re interested in a particular subject and want to let your school know about your passion for it and your knowledge of the subject itself, SAT Subject Tests are a great way to do just that. In this previous article, we covered Mathematics Level 1, but here’s what you can expect from Level 2.

Mathematics Level 2 Overview

Mathematics Level 2 covers the same subjects as Level 1 (geometry and algebra) along with elementary functions, or pre-caculus, and trigonometry. If you’re interested in a major that requires knowledge of more advanced math, such as engineering, you definitely want to consider taking this one.

Mathematics Level 2 Breakdown

Like Level 1, Mathematics Level 2 is 60 minutes long, worth 200 to 800 points, and has 50 multiple choice questions total. A calculator is allowed but it’s suggested that you bring a graphic calculator at least, and a scientific calculator as well if you happen to have both.

Math Subjects on the Test

  • Numbers and Operations – 10% – 14%
  • Algebra and Functions – 48% – 52%
  • Coordinate – 10% – 14%
  • Three-Dimensional – 4% – 6%
  • Trigonometry – 12% – 16%
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability – 8% – 12%

Prepping for the Test

Before choosing a Math Subject Test, make sure you explore the pros and cons of both Level 1 and Level 2. You may find one is better suited for your skills and future major. Keep in mind that Level 2 does focus more on advanced mathematics and equations. If you haven’t taken the necessary courses for Level 2, you will want to stick to 1.

Once you’re ready to study, your notes and textbooks from school are a great place to start. Check with your high school and see if there are any resources at the school that can help you prep as well. Study groups may be available, but your teacher might be willing to assist you .

You might also want to consider buying specific books to study for this Subject Text, but make sure to check out the reviews before purchasing.

While the SAT Subject Tests aren’t for everyone, they can actually provide a huge boost to your college application, especially if you intend to study or major in that particular subject. Some schools actually require that you take Math Level 2 for some programs within the college, such as Boston University or University of California (for engineering). Do your research into Mathematics Level 2 and your prospective courses to make sure you’re choosing the correct test for your future education.

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