Pros and Cons Of ACT / SAT Study Groups

Not sure whether joining an ACT/SAT study group would help you perform better on your test? Weighing the benefits and downsides of an ACT/SAT study group will help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Pros of ACT / SAT Study Groups:

  • Keeps you motivated and accountable
  • Helps you stay focused and on schedule
  • There is sure to be at least one student in the group who can help teach you a concept or resolve a problem you are struggling with
  • Helping other members of the group can reinforce your own knowledge
  • There are higher chances of you getting to know about new, helpful study aids such as flashcard apps or mnemonic devices
  • You get valuable feedback from your peers
  • Group discussions can help you gain new perspectives
  • You benefit from the questions that are asked and answered within the group

Cons of ACT / SAT Study Groups

  • It can be distracting especially if there are a few members who love to chat
  • May not work well for independent learners
  • You may struggle to keep up with a group if the other members are far ahead of you
  • You may get slowed down if you spend all of your time helping others in the group
  • Scheduling to get everyone together can be tricky

When it comes to an ACT/SAT study group, the benefits and effectiveness will depend on the students who make up the group. You may find a group setting doesn’t work well for you, or you may find it to be the ideal way to motivate you. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try out a session or two—just make sure you start studying early!

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