Benefits of Taking an ACT/SAT Practice Test

Student studying and answering ACT / SAT practice questions

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While reviewing the material is a must, an important aspect of test prep that shouldn’t be overlooked is taking practice tests. There are plenty of benefits to answering ACT and SAT practice questions.

They Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

In high school, you may do better in English than math, or vice versa. However, do you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie in each class? Do you struggle with critical thinking? Reading comprehension? Algebra? Geometry?

Answering ACT or SAT practice questions can clearly outline trouble spots. These exams are different than others you have taken in high school. They don’t rely on memorization, but instead on critical thinking and reasoning. Purely studying and reading for them won’t work as well as taking the practice exams, discovering your strengths and weaknesses, and creating a study schedule based on those discoveries.

You Get a Feel For the Real Deal

As noted before, SAT / ACT tests are vastly different than many other tests you’ve taken before. They are timed and cover a wide variety of subjects. Most students can’t walk into the actual test date and expect to do well.

Practice exams can help you understand exactly what each test is asking, how they’re structured, the time limits, and more. When taking these practice tests, you want to ensure you’re sitting for them as they’re meant to be taken. You should have the right calculator, your phone and laptop should be put away, and it should be without distractions.

You Learn Time Management

Some students struggle with the time management portions of the ACT and SAT. The time constraints can be tight for each section if you take a while to read the questions or determine the answers. Taking the practice tests can help you figure out how much time you can devote to each particular question within each section.

When it comes to the ACT or SAT and time management, you want to be sure to skip the more difficult questions. If you find you’re spending too much time on any one particular question, move on to the next you can answer. When done correctly, you should have time to return to those more difficult problems after you’ve finished all the easier ones. You probably will also have time to review your answers!

It’s important to note that this can take practice for some students, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t complete the test within the time limit on your first go.

Answering ACT and SAT Practice Questions and Tests

Practice exams are an absolute must when it comes to SAT and ACT prep. Before taking one, ensure you’re undisturbed for the next few hours and have done away with all distractions. You can find both SAT and ACT practice tests online or in other prep materials, so be sure to take advantage of these!

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