ACT Test Canceled: What it Means for You!


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This past Saturday, December 9th, ACT was forced to cancel its exam at over 400 testing centers in the US. Wildfires and heavy snowfall were to blame for the test cancellations and rescheduling.

Next Steps

ACT will, of course, provide a rescheduled exam time for everyone who had registered to take the test on December 9th. Students will get an email with detailed instructions about the new testing date and what they have to do to ensure a spot.

If the rescheduled testing date doesn’t work for you, ACT urges you to contact them at their Student Services number, as registration fees cannot be cancelled or refunded (but can be transferred to a rescheduled time if you contact them).

Additional details can be found on their website.

What to Do in the Meantime

Study! This extra time can be a blessing in disguise. While ACT figures out the new testing dates, you have the time to get some more studying done. So brush up on your math formulas, test yourself on weaker subject areas, learn new vocabulary words, and practice writing essays. Use this time to your advantage, and you’ll be even more prepared for the rescheduled testing date than you were before.

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