ACT / SAT Study Tips: Manage Your Study Space and Time

There are dozens of different ways to study for the ACT/SAT—using practice books, taking online practice tests, attending review sessions, hiring a tutor. Different strategies work for different people, but there are certain things that all students should adhere to: namely, their space and time.

Study Space

It’s important to manage your study space to make your study session as perfect as possible. Ideally, you should study for something in an environment similar to what you’ll be tested in. For the ACT/SAT it will be a quiet classroom. When you’re at home, aim for a study space at a desk or table, that’s quiet and distraction-free. Sitting on a bed or couch might be a bit too comfortable, and can mess with your focus.

Study Time

Cramming for hours at a time, late at night doesn’t help you much. Instead, sit down and focus for twenty to thirty minutes, then take a five to ten-minute break, and hit the studying again. The tried and true Pomodoro method is ideal for maintaining focus and giving your brain a refreshing break, helping retention.

Another important aspect of time is consistency. Create a study schedule for your ACT/SAT prep. An hour a night, every other night, every Tuesday and Thursday, whatever works for you. Consistency helps form habits, and can aid in memory.

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