ACT / SAT Prep Tip: Read, Read, Read

A girl covering her face with an open book while holding another book on the left hand.

Flickr user Pimthida

You’d be surprised to learn the different ways that reading can help you score better in the ACT/SAT.

It helps to expand your vocabulary

Most of us tend to use the same words repetitively in our everyday conversations, leaving very little opportunity to learn new words. Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary. With a large vocabulary you are less likely to trip over those ‘weird’ words that inevitably make their way into the reading sections of the test.

It hones your critical thinking skills

Reading makes you think about the various scenarios unfolding in the pages of the book. This develops and hones your critical thinking skills, which is an invaluable asset when you are answering questions the critical reading section, or developing an essay argument for the writing portion.

It helps you stay more focused

Making it a habit to read every day, even if only for a short while, can help improve your attention span and stay more focused, a skill that will come in really handy when you are answering your standardized test.

To maximize the benefit of reading, you must take time to look up the definitions of words you’ve never heard of before and understand the context in which they are used. Also give some thought to the author’s writing style, how they have developed each character and the story on the whole. This will help you not only with the ACT/SAT but also when you have to write papers as part of your college coursework.

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