4 Reasons Why It’s Still Worthwhile to Take the ACT / SAT

With many schools no longer requiring or even accepting the ACT or SAT results, you may be wondering, “Should I even take the test?” Don’t rule out taking these exams just yet! There are reasons you may want to take the ACT and/or SAT still.

A student sits on a bench holding a pen and paper, studying to take the ACT.

#1. Some Schools Still Require the ACT or SAT

Quite a few colleges and universities have recently announced that they will no longer require either the ACT or SAT. Some have even stated that it will be ignored if sent in with applications. However, this is not the case across the board.

Many schools are still asking that you take one of the exams and submit your result with your application. And even if all the schools on your current list don’t require the exams, it’s still a good idea to sit for one. You may end up interested in a college that does require it. Avoid the pressure of a last-minute test and just take one as a precaution.

#2. Some States Require it for High School Graduation

Did you know that some states actually require you to take either the SAT or ACT for graduation? What is required depends on the state. Your high school should be informing students if these tests are required, but talk to your guidance counselor if you’re unsure.

For example, Colorado, Illinois, and West Virginia are some states that require the SAT. Alabama, North Carolina, Montana, and others require the ACT. Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma ask you to take one or the other.

#3. Colleges May Still Consider The Results

Although a college states they don’t technically require the SAT or ACT for admission, it may still have an impact on your acceptance odds. If you don’t take the SAT or ACT and apply to a school, and another student applies and has taken either test, they could win the acceptance letter over you if all else is equal. It shows initiative and can be used as a tie-breaker.

#4. They Play a Role in Scholarships

Did you know that the SAT or ACT can actually result in scholarships? This could be directly from the SAT (The National Merit Scholarship Program), but schools may also use your score to award merit scholarships. Awards through other organizations may require certain SAT or ACT scores as well.

You never know what scholarships you’re going to find, especially later on when you’re attending college, so it’s a good idea to have these test results just in case!

Why It’s Still Worthwhile to Take the ACT / SAT

Although the SAT or ACT may not be required by the schools you’re attending, that doesn’t mean you should automatically rule them out completely. In some states and schools, you are required to take them to graduate high school. Research is a good starting point if you don’t fall into these categories though and are still on the fence.

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