3 Test-Taking Hacks For The SAT

Here are 3 SAT tips.

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There is a right way and a wrong way to answer the SAT. No matter how many practice tests you solve, if you are doing it the wrong way you could lose out on hundreds of points. Everybody knows that every point counts in this standardized test. These easy to implement SAT tips, tricks and hacks will help you achieve an impressive score on your upcoming test.

Hack # 1

In the reading test, try and answer each question before looking at the multiple-choice answers. The answers can often be very complex. Every option seems like a decent match—so it can be challenging to pick the ‘most perfect’ answer. Answering the question in your head before looking at the multiple-choice options will make it easier for you to pick the right answer.

Hack # 2

In the writing test, you are asked to pick the sentence that is grammatically correct. Start by striking off the wrong answers and the one left behind will be the right one. This helps because it is often easier to pick a sentence that is grammatically wrong than to prove that a sentence is right. Answering the grammar section this way will eliminate any potential guesswork and take less time too.

Hack # 3

For the math test, you need to do things a little differently. A more efficient way to solve math problems is by looking at the answer choices first and testing the available options to gain insight into how to solve the problem. This will make it easier for you to pick the right answer and can save you more time as opposed to struggling with challenging algebra equations.

These three SAT tips can make a considerable difference to your overall SAT scores. Try using them in your practice tests first and see the difference it makes.

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