Affordability & Cost of College

Average College Costs for 2017-2018

average cost of college in us affordability & college cost

Sometimes it helps to look at the data, and when it comes to college cost, there’s plenty of data. College costs are rising steadily year over year, so let’s take a look at the average college costs. Average Cost of College in US for Bachelor Degrees According to College Board, NCES, and IPEDS, the following …

How To Strike a Balance Between an Affordable College and a Dream School

Like balancing this coin, you can balance an affordable college and your dream school affordability & college cost

Quite a few students in high school already have their dream school chosen, but for some it may be out of reach financially. Finding balance between an affordable college and your dream school may present you with solutions. Investigate Scholarships and Financial Aid Through Your Dream School Many juniors and seniors in high school are …

Pros and Cons of Tuition-Free College

Save money by considering tuition-free college affordability & college cost

One of the center-stage issues of the 2016 presidential political season concerned the affordability of college education. Former President Obama tried to move forward on making community colleges free to eligible students, although we haven’t seen too much traction from that as of yet. Bernie Sanders’ platform upped that to making all public colleges tuition-free, …