Why You Should Master Time-Management Skills Before College

Master time management skills before college

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While preparing for college, most high school students think in terms of studying for the ACT and SAT, participating in extracurricular activities, and maybe doing an internship or getting some work experience. Very few think about honing their time-management skills. This is a mistake. As most students realize within the first week at college, it is very different from high school.


College programs are packed to the hilt with things to do. You have classwork, homework, and projects to complete. Some courses may also include lab work and other assignments. All of these have to be completed within the deadline.


In addition to all of the classwork going on, there is the added temptation of socializing without your parents’ supervision. All of your friends are just a short walk away in the dorm. It’s easier to meet up. It’s easier to make weekend plans. And unfortunately, it’s also easier to let far too many hours go by pursuing social activities because there is no one to be accountable to.

Don’t fall behind

Without the necessary time management skills and self-discipline, you will start to fall behind with completing your work. It may seem negligible at first but it will soon start to get out of hand and you will find it impossible to catch up. Not only will this just add to your stress levels but it will also affect your academic score in the end.

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